Landscape & Wildlife PhotographyCortlan Dickerson

Renndølsetra at Innerdalen Valley, Norway

The historic Scandinavian sod roofs back the perfect foreground to a traditional Norwegian homestead accompanied by the unique mountain peak in the background and the alluring waterfall. This is Norway's most beautiful mountain valley and its first protected landscape, Innerdalen. The 3 km, semi-arduous, hike ends in this gorgeous valley and scene. The mountains, lake, trees and traditional houses along with the free roaming sheep form a beautiful hike and wonderful memory.

Currituck Outer Banks Preserve at Corolla, NC

Twenty-five miles north of Kitty Hawk, the historic location of the first flight by the Wright Brothers, lies the little-known town Corolla. The charming beaches are full of seashells at low tide and the island is home to an array of bird species. In between the waves this momma Sandpiper and her baby are out looking for breakfast. With a wave forming in the background and a glance from the Sandpiper this appealing image presented itself to me.

Tortuga Bay at Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos

It's easy to see why the Galápagos Islands are one of the first UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The magnificent landscape and wildlife, some found nowhere else on Earth, really makes the Galápagos unique. One of the first things I noticed about the protected wildlife is they don't seem to fear humans. I anticipated this Sally Lightfoot Crab to run away, however this one didn't care what we were doing and just continued to look for food. I decided to finally take a photo when it climbed on the black lava rock as it really made its colors pop.